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The taste of our land

Our identity

Our cheeses are our hallmark. Our workers and sector professionals form the foundations of Cerrato Cheeses. Thanks to their experience and work, in less than twenty-four hours they transform fresh cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk, collected on a daily basis, into cheeses.

The master cheesemakers at Cerrato Cheeses take care of every last detail, selecting the ingredients and raw materials for the production process.

This allows us to maintain the artisan tradition handed down from our ancestors, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the history, roots and origin of Cerrato.


A new way to enjoy the authentic Cerrato cheese. One of our signature products that has become an authentic work of cheesemaking, Cerrato My Pleasure is the result of our own traditional recipe, that of our region, faithful to its origins, with an added extra, bringing unprecedented flavours that will offer you a truly unexpected experience.


The legacy of the Cerrato master cheesemaker artisan tradition and a passion for cheese since 1968, preserving the essence of our land. Castilian cheeses, cheeses from the meseta, and our traditional recipe, with the flavour of the origin. These are cheeses with culture, adapted to the tastes of cheese lovers.


The most complete range of healthy cheeses on the market. Cerrato Provita is the first to incorporate probiotics in the production process. Perfect for use in quick, easy and nutritious recipes. With Cerrato Provita, eating better is simple and healthy.