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Cerrato Prestigio Old is a cheese made only from pasteurised sheep’s milk, giving it a flavour with character and intensity, cured for 180 days.


Pasteurised sheep’s milk, salt, rennet.


Product Information

Aromatic Profile


Wheat beers, barrel-fermented white wines and Crianza red wines.

Fruit jams, dried apricots and raisins are the perfect accompaniments for Prestigio Old. 

Tasting Diagram

Sensory Qualities


Prestigio Old has a firm and compact interior, with ivory to yellowish tones due to the sheep’s milk. When this cheese is cut, it has compact eyes of varying sizes.


It has a medium-high intensity aftertaste of sheep’s milk, with hints of toasted nuts. Slightly acidic with a mild salty flavour.


It has an aromatic profile with toasted and animal hints.


It is a product with an unctuous texture, with slightly rough nuances due to its ripening, silky on the palate and with a certain elasticity. It does not have much elasticity due to its ripening time, resulting in a rigid cheese.


Serving Suggestions

Consume at an optimal temperature of 16ºC, open at least 20 minutes before consumption and leaving it at room temperature to enjoy all its aroma and flavour.

Recommended Cut

Cubes of approximately 2 cm and wedges of approximately 5 mm.