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Cerrato Almadeoveja Cured is an exceptional cheese made from raw sheep’s milk, which is cured for more than 105 days under carefully controlled conditions. Thanks to the expert work of our master cheesemakers, this cheese has a marked character that awakens the senses and transports you to the essence of its nature.


Raw sheep’s milk, salt, rennet and lactic ferments.


Product Information

Aromatic Profile


Craft beers with body, barrel-fermented white wines and Crianza or Reserva red wines. It can also be paired with dry cavas.

Accompany Almadeoveja Cured with your favourite jams, we recommend tomato jam, sweet fruits and candeal bread.

Tasting Diagram

Sensory Qualities


When this cheese is cut, it has unevenly distributed eyes of varying sizes.


Notable aromas of long-matured cheeses with creamy textures, a significant aftertaste with hints of walnut and cellar, and an elegant and subtle spicy sensation at the end, making its consumption an authentic sensory experience.


Dairy aromas, reminiscent of butter. Intense animal tones. Of medium to high intensity, Cerrato Almadeoveja has notable aromas of long-matured cheeses with creamy textures.


Unctuous texture, but with slightly rough nuances due to its ripening.


Serving Suggestions

Consume at an optimal temperature of 16ºC, open at least 20 minutes before consumption and leaving it at room temperature to enjoy all its aroma and flavour.

Recommended Cut

Cubes of approximately 2 cm and wedges of approximately 5 mm.