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Cerrato Cured is a cheese made from a blend of pasteurised sheep’s and cow’s milk, obtained from an eminently enzymatic mixed coagulation process, pressed and cured for a minimum of 105 days. Its high sheep’s milk content provides a balanced, aromatic flavour that is full of character.


Pasteurised sheep’s milk (min. 50%) and cow’s milk (min. 40%), salt, rennet.


Product Information

Aromatic Profile


Toasted beers, Andalusian style red and white wines. 

Cerrato Cured is a highly versatile cheese, and we recommend accompanying this product with Fabiola bread, fruits, anchovies, smoked salmon or nuts.

Tasting Diagram

Sensory Qualities


Cheese with a firm and compact texture, with light yellow tones resulting from the delicate blend of pasteurised sheep’s and cow’s milk.


Highly balanced in taste, with notable sweet flavours, hints of dairy and an animal aroma, typical of the maturation of the blend of milks. Elegant and subtle on the palate, a cheese with a traditional profile.


Dairy aromas, reminiscent of butter and intense sweet aromas. Its aromatic profile is very deep and persistent due to its ripening. Its aromas are a mixture of dairy-animal sensations and brief hints of cellar, due to its maturation.


It is a product with an unctuous texture, with slightly rough nuances due to its ripening, silky on the palate and with a certain elasticity. It is flexible when cut, where the original size of the curd grain can be appreciated.


Serving Suggestions

Consume at an optimal temperature of 16ºC, open at least 20 minutes before consumption and leaving it at room temperature to enjoy all its aroma and flavour.

Recommended Cut

Cubes of approximately 2 cm and wedges of approximately 5 mm.