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We have been making the best cheese for more than fifty years with the same enthusiasm and passion with which the Cooperative was founded.

Cerrato Cheeses was founded in 1968

That year, faced with the difficulties of selling the milk produced by their cattle at a decent price, a group of farmers from the Cerrato region decided to establish their own cooperative.

Local product

Cooperative product

Local product

Spanish milk

El Cerrato, the origin of our cheeses

In 1971 they began to make their cheeses in Baltanás, a town with an age-old tradition of artisan cheesemaking.

Cerrato Cheeses inherited this legacy and, with the incorporation of farmers from other regions, it became the largest cheesemaking cooperative in Spain.

Since 2006, it has been part of Agropal Grupo Alimentario, one of the largest agri-food cooperatives in Spain.

Currently, we continue to expand and modernise our facilities, adapting the Cerrato cheesemaking tradition to the latest technologies. Our goal is to be more energy efficient, reduce our carbon footprint, improve our working conditions and develop new products and formats.

All this with full respect for the traditional production methods that have been the hallmark of Cerrato Cheeses since 1968.

From the land to your table

Our values and the Cerrato culture are present in each of our products, reflected in the love we have for our animals. Each of our products is a testimony to the love, perseverance and drive for excellence of all those who are part of Cerrato Cheeses.

Our cheeses are made with the best raw materials and with the passion of our producers. Each piece is unique and special, and we are sure you will love the flavour and quality you will find in every bite.