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In the context of a health-conscious society that is increasingly aware of the food it consumes, at Cerrato Cheeses we wanted to meet the growing demand for healthy products. After a long period of intense work in our R&D&I department, we created a new cheese that we have called Cerrato Provita Lactose Free, a healthy cheese with an important probiotic content. As a result, lactose-intolerant consumers can now enjoy a cheese that is full of flavour and that has a high probiotic content to strengthen their health and their defences.


cerrato provita lecheThanks to the important technological advances enjoyed by the cheese industry and Cerrato Cheeses’ R&D&I department, we have been able to benefit from the most advanced lactobacilli and natural ferments. This has allowed us to obtain the best flavours, while including naturally occurring live cultures in our recipes, probiotics that are beneficial to our health and so important for our body. In general, the use of these techniques has allowed us to reduce the fat, salt and lactose content of our products, preserving our recipes and improving the intensity and flavour of our Cerrato cheeses.

One of the main milestones of Cerrato Provita Lactose Free is its excellent flavour, making the impact of the reduced fat and salt content negligible to the palate, and with the advantage of a high protein and probiotic content.

nuevo lanzamiento provita

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