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cerrato trashumante leche oveja y vaca

A tribute to Transhumance, the most ancient way of feeding livestock that returns to the streets of Madrid every year. A traditional event that has created unforgettable scenes over the past decades, with thousands of sheep filling the main streets of the capital, like the Puerta de Alcalá that illustrates the label of our Cerrato Trashumante.

Cerrato Trashumante is a mixed cheese made from sheep and cow milk, pressed paste, and with a long maturation process. It has a very fruity and intense flavor, even spicy at the end.


Pasteurized cow’s milk, raw sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments.


Product Information

Aromatic Profile

aromas trashumante


Ale or high fermentation beers, very fruity dry white wines and medium Crianza red wines.

The best harmony for Cerrato Trashumante are grapes, raspberries, quince, vegetables and pickles.

Tasting Diagram

estrella de cata cerrato trashumante

Sensory Qualities


Yellow interior


It is buttery and oily, with a medium-high intensity residual taste of clean sheep, with memories of toasted nuts.

. It has a very fruity and intense flavor, even spicy at the end.


It has a medium-high intensity smell of sheep and toasted nuts, roasted hazelnut, and roasted notes.


Pasta prensada


Serving Suggestions

Consume at an optimal temperature of 16ºC, open at least 20 minutes before consumption and leaving it at room temperature to enjoy all its aroma and flavour.

Recommended Cut

Cubes of approximately 2 cm and wedges of approximately 5 mm.