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queso cerrato viejoven

“Youth is not a period of life, but a state of mind”. Each of the phrases written by Oscar Wilde’s pen is loaded with a deeper meaning than it initially appears to have. And for this reason, we pay tribute to him for representing the values of youth and maturity all at once, much like today’s society.

Despite its youthfulness, it possesses an intense flavor, balanced in saltiness and acidity, accompanied by notes reminiscent of champagne.


Pasteurized cow’s milk, raw sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments.


Product Information

Aromatic Profile


Ale or high fermentation beers, very fruity dry white wines and medium Crianza red wines.

The best accompaniments for Cerrato Viejoven are grapes, raspberries, quince jelly, vegetables and pickles.

Tasting Diagram

estrella de cata viejoven

Sensory Qualities


Firm, light yellow paste with small, irregularly distributed eyes. Despite its youth, it has an intense flavor, being balanced in salt and acidity.


Persistent in the mouth with a prolonged aftertaste, spicy undertones stand out, leaving that final sensation of “mmmm… this cheese is so delightful, it seems young but hides an old soul”.


Aromas of cava


Silky texture


Serving Suggestions

Consume at an optimal temperature of 16ºC, open at least 20 minutes before consumption and leaving it at room temperature to enjoy all its aroma and flavour.

Recommended Cut

Cubes of approximately 2 cm and wedges of approximately 5 mm.