Quesos Cerrato Quesos Cerrato Our history

Our history

The Cerrato Cooperative was founded in 1968 by a group of farmers in the Palencia district of CERRATO and today it is the largest cheese-making cooperative in Spain.

In 1971, it started to make cheeses at the factory in Baltans (Palencia).

Since then, it has followed a careful manufacturing process that combines traditional know-how with cutting-edge technology and the traditional local method for maturing cheese.

Since 2006 Quesos Cerrato is part of AGROPAL Food Group, the only cooperative group that integrates agriculture, livestock, agro-food processing and distribution, and one of the main cooperatives in Castilla y Len and Spain.


Our farmers operate the most modern farms and feed their herds of cows, sheep and goats with natural fodder that includes cereals, alfalfa and other natural foodstuffs produced by the cooperative itself.

This guarantees the traceability of the entire production process from the primary sector to the making of our cheeses and their distribution and marketing until they reach the consumer with the highest possible guarantee.

Since 2010, we also package our farmers' milk under the CERRATO brand. Our commitment has grown exponentially and our cheeses have been awarded the yellow heart of the Castilla y Len Tierra de Sabor Guaranteed Brand.

Our facilities

Our facilities are located in Baltans (Palencia), where we produce and mature both mixed milk and pure cheese with sheep's, cow's and goat's milk, according to market demands.

To improve our productivity and be more efficient, we are extending and modernising our cheese-making facilities.

We are adapting our processes so that we can use cutting-edge technology to be more energy-efficient, reduce costs, improve working conditions and develop new products and formats (low-fat cheese, drum cheese, etc.) in response to consumer demand. With this investment, our aim is to double our production capacity and continue our growth to create new jobs, guarantee the viability of our cattle farms and provide a response to our consumers' tastes and demands.

Quesos Cerrato has the International Food Safety and Quality Certification IFS (International Featured Standards) that guarantees customer safety and hygiene in the manufacturing process.

Our philosophy

At Quesos Cerrato, we have a commitment to the land, sustainability and future of cattle farming and we make high-quality products and adapt to new consumer trends and market challenges.

Our objectives include developing new products that contribute to good health and well-being, investing in the search for new handling methods that reduce costs and return part of the cooperative's profits to its members.

As a dairy industry, we are part of a large cooperative team in which we all depend on each other.

Furthermore, in Quesos Cerrato we are also ambassadors of our land outside our borders, exporting our products to the five continents.